Terms and conditions


Before registering in the LinkTool, users are required to read the text of the agreement carefully.
The responsibility for not reading this agreement lies with the users, so please read the terms of the agreement carefully.



  1. The Linktool has no obligation to the shortened links and only malicious links, spam, and phishing links that are reported by users will be removed by the site administration, so be careful in reviewing the links.
  2. The tool link may contain links to sites that we have no control over their content or activity. Therefore, there is no link between this site and sites that use this service to link to themselves or other sites. This section contains displayed ads on site too.
  3. The links in Linktool may be edited or deleted by the creator of the link in the future.
    To prevent spam and phishing, it is possible to shorten the shortened links by other link shortening sites, and they will be blacklisted. The blacklist includes domains that are redirected to malicious links that contain spam and phishing, which are updated daily.
  4. Registration and use of the Linktool is subject to acceptance of the above rules. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of these rules.